Safeguard Health & Safety Of Your Business During COVID-19 Pandemic

Tuesday March 24, 2020 06:24

As in-person visits are not appropriate at this time, the nation-wide team of Securo Health and Safety consultants are set up to address your health issues and challenges via phone, email, Skype/Zoom, Google Hangouts or Facetime.

We will continue to act as a source for information and as a sounding board around policy and practices.


PLEASE NOTE: This is not just another communication telling you how to run your business in the coronavirus problem – it is designed to tangibly assist in safeguarding your business THROUGH it!

Our world has changed dramatically in the past 7 days as it responds to the coronavirus pandemic.

While the NZ Ministry of Health and its Healthline on 0800 358 5453 is the right source to seek information on the virus, your Securo HEALTH and SAFETY consultant is a valuable asset resource to fall back upon to ensure that your business keeps operating safely and sensibly through these challenging times. They provide professional guidance as to how to manage workers, visitors and contractors.

Our consultants are not health experts, but they are fluent in the systems around safe business practices relating to onsite health and risk management. For businesses to survive out of the other side of this situation it is imperative workers are protected and informed. That is part of our role, and it should be viewed as one of your essential services, especially as we head towards winter and the flu season.

Onsite hazards and risks will continue to occur outside this threat – it is normal and inevitable. Health and safety compliance cannot be put on the back burner: the Health and Safety at Work Act does not allow for this with its ongoing legal implications and requirements to keep workers and visitors safe onsite from any cause, including a pandemic.

For your peace of mind, your Securo Health and Safety Consultant:

  • Will address the health issues and challenges to assist your business through the current and long term processes. Contact with your Securo Health and Safety Consultant is easy to maintain via phone, email, Skype/Zoom, Google Hangouts or Facetime.
  • Will continue to act as a source for information and as a sounding board around policy and practices.
  • Maintains, as their priority, to assist you and the business tangibly and relevantly going forward in continuing to operate at maximum levels around worker resources, hazard and risk identification;
  • Will not come onto your place of business if they are feeling or exhibiting any coronavirus or flu related symptoms or illnesses;
  • Will not put themselves, or you, or your teams at risk;

Coronavirus - or any flu type - coughs and colds along with contamination and hygiene should now be entries in your Hazard and Risk Register, with a Hazard Control Plan in place and a discussion topic at regular Toolbox and Committee Meetings.

We see it as imperative that you do not allow this pandemic to disrupt your positive, ongoing continuous improvement in health and safety practices, and allow your Securo Health and Safety consultant to continue to work with, and for you. Thank you.

Please contact us on 0800 55 33 44 if you require clarification on our roles and support – or talk with your own Securo Health and Safety Consultant. They are there to assist you and your business for the long term.