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Workplace Health & Safety Quiz

Is your business meeting it's Health & Safety obligations?

Find out by using the 2 minute quiz below.

1. Are your safety procedures written down?

2. Has the Safety Committee met in the last 3 months?

3. Do you have a written induction procedure for new employees that includes Safety and is signed off by the employee?

4. Have you ensured that all staff understand their personal responsibilities under the Health & Safety Act?

5. Have the hazards of your business been identified and written down?

6. In the process of writing up the hazards, have you made a plan to either eliminate, isolate or minimize (manage) each hazard?

7. Do you review hazards and check that procedures are being followed?

8. Do you have a written Emergency Response Plan (fire drills, assembly points and fire wardens etc)?

9. Is there evidence of contractor induction or control over safety issues as they relate to contractors?

10. Do you have an Accident Register and is it being used?

What Did You Score?

Scored 10 Yes's?

  • Great job! 
  • Just be sure you revise those documents every few months and keep up to date with changes in legislation
  • If you need another pair of eyes on them, let us know and we can help

Scored a combination of Yes's and No's?

  • Looks like there is some room for improvement there
  • We can help ensure every one of your team gets home every night
  • Call us on 0800 55 33 44 or email

Scored 10 "No's"?

  • First, don't panic, help is at hand
  • It looks like your business is brand new, or the recent changes in legislation have put Health & Safety on your to-do list?
  • We'll look after you, and it might cost less than you think
  • Call us on 0800 55 33 44 or email

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