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Health and Safety Systems

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Can you answer YES! to the following questions?

  1. Are you determined to ensure everyone in your NZ workplace has a safe day at work, and gets home to their family every night?
  2. Would you like to minimise worker absence and equipment down-time by reducing accidents?
  3. Are you aware that recent changes in legislation means that NZ businesses of all sizes need to have Health & Safety procedures in place?
  4. Do you agree that your Health & Safety manual should be a living document that evolves over time? Rather than a set-and-forget document that sits on a shelf gathering dust.
  5. Do you find keeping up with the ever-evolving Health & Safety legislation a little tiresome, because you have other things to achieve with your time?
  6. Would you prefer to deal with a safety consultant that is based locally?
  7. Once your Health & Safety system is running well, would you prefer to save time by having only occasional face-to-face meetings with your safety consultant so you can get on with running your business?
  8. Do you agree that it would be more cost effective to start with one of our Health & Safety templates and make customisations as required?

If you answered “YES!” to most of those questions, I have great news for you…

This is what the team here at Securo do best!

Here’s our 5 step process:

1. A Quick Phonecall To Determine Your Needs

  • Let’s start with a short phone discussion to determine if you need our help
  • We work with businesses and industries of all sizes: Small, Medium and Large, and we have one-person-businesses and Farming clients also

2. We May Visit Your Workplace

  • In some circumstances, we’ll arrange for one of our consultants (in 12 regions around NZ) to visit your workplace for an obligation-free safety assessment
  • For others, we can conduct our assessment over the phone by asking you a set of H&S questions

3. We’ll Make An Offer

We’ll provide you with a proposal of how we could work together.

Our fees have 2 components: A set-up fee + a monthly maintenance fee.

Set-Up Fee

  • $995 Set-Up Fee

During the set-up process, you are provided with:

  1. Your Health & Safety Manual customised to your business
  2. Documents: 
    • Your Health & Safety Policy
    • Hazard Register
    • Training Records
    • + A selection of other documents appropriate to your business from our library of 120 other documents including Handbooks, Standard Management Procedures and more
  3. Access to our Online Health & Safety System where you can:
    • Customise our templates to create your H&S forms and documents online and get them ready to print
    • Create Hazard and Risk Registers
    • Create Safe Operating Proceedures
    • Save time by using our Hazard Templates
    • Save time with similar Hazards at different sites
    • Watch our 4 minute video walk-through

Monthly Fee:
The monthly fee we will propose depends on the size and complexity of the Health & Safety situation of your business:

  • $80/month (4 visits per year of approx 1 hour each)
  • $120/month (6 visits per year of approx 1 hour each)
  • $160/month (8 visits per year of approx 1 hour each)
  • $200/month (10 visits per year of approx 1 hour each)
  • $240/month (12 visits per year of approx 1 hour each)
  • Larger contracts can be negotiated
(All prices exclude gst).

4. If You Accept Our Offer

  • We’ll get your Health & Safety paperwork sorted first (including forms, data and a manual)
  • You can be sure it is compliant with all the current Worksafe NZ requirements
  • We'll show you through our online Health & Safety system
  • We’ll point out opportunities for safety improvement around your workplace
  • We’ll draw your attention to your responsibilities under the current Health and Safety Act (both you and your staff need to know this stuff), and also prepare you for the new Act which comes into force 4 April 2016
  • We’ll put a Health & Safety training programme in place, some of which may be delivered by us via workshops
  • Once we know your new safety system meets ACC’s requirements, we’ll help you apply for your discount against your workplace levy

5. Our Maintenance Programme Gets To Work

Once your new Health & Safety system is up and running, we’ll book in a series of quick catch-ups (eg monthly for bigger businesses, quarterly for smaller businesses) to check how things are going and to keep your materials and training up-to-date.

If there is a serious harm accident at your workplace we’ll be there to work beside you:

  • We will help you to complete the required documentation and assist with the accident investigation to ensure you meet your obligations.
  • We’ll also arrange a debrief so that you learn from the incident and adjust training/documentation to minimise the chance of a similar accident happening again.

“Great! What’s The Next Step?”

  • Give us a call on 0800 55 33 44 or email to get started
  • We’ll confirm our fees once we know your business needs

Video Walkthrough of our Online Health & Safety System

In this 4 minute video you'll see how easy it is to use our online Health & Safety system to:

  • Create Hazard and Risk Registers
  • Create Safe Operating Proceedure
  • Save time by using our Hazard Templates
  • Save time with similar Hazards at different sites

“Great! What’s The Next Step?”