Securo provides 2 types of audit:

  1. Site Audit (physical audit of your facilities)
  2. Documentation Audit (audit of your H&S documentation)

1. Site Audit

Wondering if your organisation complies with the current Health & Safety legislation?

Then a Securo On Site Audit is right for you.

This is a physical audit of your facilities and will commence in the car park and move through all working departments, including administration and even your kitchen / lunchroom.

We serve 12 New Zealand regions so one of our consultants is nearby.


Documentation Audit2. Documentation Audit

Wondering if your organisation’s documentation complies with the current requirements?

Then a Securo Documentation Audit is right for you.  

This is a good option if you or your team are short on time and would prefer an independent, professional Health & Safety consultant to assist you with this important aspect.