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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “What does the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 mean for me?”

Q: “How long will it take to get this Health & Safety system in place?”

  • Depending on the size and complexity of your business, within 3 - 6 months the basics should be in place
  • You can accelerate your progress by completing your to-do list earlier. You set the pace.

Q: “How much of my time will this take?”

  • Short and sharp meetings with your consultant (approximately one hour)
  • Most likely you’ll be allocated some homework following each meeting
  • Training sessions as required

Q: “Who is responsible for H&S? Just the H&S co-ordinator? Just management? Just the employees?”

Every single person in your organisation is responsible. For example:

  • Owners/Directors: Your governance role means you need to ensure the business has the resources to operate safely. The new law increases your responsibilities (and penalties).
  • Management/Supervisors: You need to ensure your teams follow the policies and procedures in place. What training is needed to ensure competency?
  • H&S co-ordinator: You take action and make the improvements detailed in the H&S plan
  • Wardens: You are trained for emergency situations. When did you do a drill last?
  • H&S representatives: You represent the employees on your H&S committee
  • Your Securo H&S consultant: Our primary role is to coach and facilitate the implementation of your customised H&S system. We provide training and, we can provide mentoring at governance level also.

Q: “Is it all up to me? How can I get everyone at my workplace involved?”

Every single person in your organisation should be involved with Health & Safety. But if they are not as passionate about it’s benefits as you are, we can help in 5 ways.

  • We can run H&S awareness training
  • We can help with hazard identification and control
  • We can train some of your team on how to be wardens for emergency situations
  • We can help with “manual handling” training to decrease the incidence of Occupational Overuse Syndrome (that even office workers are susceptible to)
  • We can show you how to run your own site safety audits

Q: “What types of businesses does Securo work with?”

  • Manufacturing (eg Steel Manufacturing, Joinery, Food Technology, Chemical etc)
  • Building & Engineering (eg Building Companies, Flooring Companies, Steel Fitters)
  • Professional Services (eg Insurance Companies, IT Companies etc)
  • Education (eg Schools)
  • Rural Businesses (Farms, Orchards, Wineries)

Q: “How much will Health & Safety cost?”

  • We charge a set-up fee and monthly fees
  • Plus, you can expect us to make suggestions for improvements to your workplace which may require additional investment (eg safety signage, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) etc)

Q: When a worker is seriously injured or ill at work; What should you do?

Find out in our 5 minute video.