Q: “What does the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 mean for me?”

Q: “How long will it take to get this Health & Safety system in place?”

Q: “How much of my time will meetings with my Securo Health & Safety consultant take?”

Q: “Who is responsible for H&S? Just the H&S co-ordinator? Just management? Just the employees?”

Every single person in your organisation is responsible. For example:

Q: “Is it all up to me? How can I get everyone at my workplace involved?”

Every single person in your organisation should be involved with Health & Safety. But if they are not as passionate about its benefits as you are, we can help in 5 ways.

Q: “What types of businesses does Securo work with?”

As Securo has been working with clients for over 20 years in establishing bespoke health and safety audits and annual programmes, we are adept at the majority of business types transacted in New Zealand.

Our safety consultants therefore have a cross section range of skills learned through working with, and finding workable solutions for most business enterprises, irrespective of size.

Please talk to us to see how we can assist you with any health and safety issues.

Q: “How much does help from Securo Health & Safety cost?”

Q: "Do you provide a way to report Health and Safety incidents or hazards via mobile device whilst in the field?"

Yes. You can use your mobile device to capture and report Health and Safety incidents or hazards, as-and-when they are identified, via our “Securo Incident Reporting App” for existing clients. It is a useful add-on to our existing Securo Online Health and Safety system.

The new application works on smart phones / tablets / laptops (anything with a web browser).

Find out more about how our H&S Incident / Hazard reporting app works.

And watch our 2 minute video.

Q: "When a worker is seriously injured or ill at work; What should I do?"

Did you know that we operate a 24 hour helpline for clients in these situations?

Your call will be routed to one of our trained consultants who will help you with the order of the steps you need to take next.

In the meantime, find out more in our 5 minute video.