(Did you know we can also do a Site Audit which is an physical audit of your facilities?)

Wondering if your organisation’s documentation complies with the current requirements?

Then a Securo Documentation Audit is right for you.  

Just fill in the form below or call Securo on 0800 55 33 44 to arrange for a member of the Securo Audit Team to perform the Audit.

This is a good option if you or your team are short on time and would prefer an independent, professional Health & Safety consultant to handle this for you.

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Q: “How much does a Securo Documentation Audit cost?”

Q: "What's included?"

Q: “What else do I need to know?”

Q: “Great! What’s next?”

Fill in the following form, or give us a call on 0800 55 33 44 or email info@securo.co.nz and we’ll go through a few questions.

Then we can find a suitable date to book in your Securo Audit.  Many clients choose to combine the Site Audit with a Securo Documentation Audit

We can also provide assistance in implementing our recommendations. Additional fees will apply.

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