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Who is Securo?

Health and Safety Consultancy

Securo is a New Zealand owned and operated company.

  • Securo specialises in workplace Health and Safety
  • Securo is able to meet the Health and Safety needs of a wide range of companies
  • Securo is able to assist all sectors of the business community meet their Health and Safety requirements
  • Securo has a nationwide team of qualified Safety Consultants.
  • Securo products are based on the New Zealand Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and the Australian and New Zealand Standard 4801, on which ACC based their Workplace Safety Management Practices and Workplace Safety Discount schemes to enable companies to obtain ACC workplace levy discounts (now ceased)

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Securo Limited - is a wholly owned member Company of the Archer Group.
The Archer Group comprises a number of Companies with varying Shareholding interests.

They Include:

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