Drowning in Health and Safety Paperwork?

Sunday February 9, 2020 13:21

Health and Safety is not all about creating loads of paperwork!

Experience shows having lots of paperwork does not equal good health and safety.

Of course, use paperwork where appropriate to support your health and safety processes - but it’s not a substitute for having good practices and control measures in place.

Try regularly following this simple 4 step matrix as a guide for health and safety best practices:

4 Step Matrix For Health And Safety Best Practice

REMEMBER: Your workers are the eyes and ears of your business. They could suggest practical, cost-effective business solutions.

When formulating solutions, always ask and include workers for input on identifying health and safety risks.

People are more likely to take responsibility and make good choices if they’ve been involved in the conversation.

Health and Safety – keep it practical and focused.

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(Paperwork Image Credit: DalbyCPA.com)