Under Alert Level 2, How Will Securo Health & Safety SUPPORT You?

Wednesday May 13, 2020 20:59

Here are 7 ways your Securo Health & Safety Consultants will provide you with tangible business S U P P O R T under Alert Level 2:

1. Social distancing practices

  • We can provide assistance with realistic on site options for all workers so business can continue

2. Undertake Hazard Plan reviews

  • New Alert Levels bring new business hazards which need business integration. We can help

3. Personal Protective Equipment and hygiene advice

  • Let us review your PPE bespoke items and hygiene needs for safe working

4. Provide realistic health & safety guidance

  • Continue to work on Act compliance in changed business and social environments. We can help

5. Organise health & safety documentation

  • Ensure all your H&S plans, online documents, guidelines and directives are current and relevant. We can help

6. Registers for visitors and Onsite Rules

  • Undertake creation of complete register plus ensure tracking of visitors to premises. We can help

7. Take Toolbox Meetings

  • Work with your management team on compiling Agenda items and addressing worker concerns. We can help

For full SUPPORT contact your Securo Health and Safety Consultant, or call Securo Head Office on 0800 55 33 44, or email info@securo.co.nz.