COVID-19 Aside, 10 Examples of Everyday Hazards and Risks That Have Not Gone Away

Monday July 6, 2020 06:44

No business owner or business manager in New Zealand is now unaware of the COVID-19 pandemic health and wellbeing issues. And they are certainly aware of its impact on their commercial activities.

Yet, there are potentially historic and continuous, ongoing, everyday, HAZARDS and RISKS, that are just as important, that need to be identified, and monitored, in all facets of our daily business activities.

  • A HAZARD is defined as “a situation, or thing, with the potential to cause death, injury or illness.”
  • And a RISK is classed as “the likelihood certain consequences (death, injury or illness) occur when a person is exposed to a hazard.”

10 everyday hazards and risks that have not gone away, that you need to be mindful of:

  1. Hazardous Substances: Use and collection of hazardous substances and associated safe storage requirements
  2. Vehicles: Traffic movements around the business site, both inside and outside the premises
  3. Pedestrian movement: Uncluttered passageways and safe pedestrian access on the site
  4. Maintenance: Vehicle and equipment maintenance and safety checks
  5. Proceedures: Adequacy and currency of Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s)
  6. Work: Everyday work tasks and how they are performed
  7. Behaviour: The behaviour of workers, and others, in the workplace
  8. Meetings: Benefits of regular Tool Box meetings and positive worker interaction
  9. Fire Fighting: Clear access to Fire Fighting equipment and Fire Exits
  10. Documentation: Need to review records of health monitoring, workplace incidents including near misses, work complaints, sick leave and the results of any inspections and investigations to identify hazards.

Your legal requirements under the Health and Safety Act 2015 do not change because of a pandemic.

That is why your Securo Health and Safety Consultant partners with you to ensure your continued compliance and business protection to assist in identifying and minimising or eliminating such issues.

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