Who is responsible for the Health & Safety of your contractors?

Tuesday June 6, 2017 10:08

Today, more than ever before, there is a need for New Zealand business owners, directors and managers, to know, and understand, how they, and their contractors, perform against the new Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.  

The owners and senior managers of businesses in New Zealand are now liable for the safety of all workers, whether they are their own employees, or a contractors employees, who are undertaking work controlled by that organisation. 

Q: "What do I need to know about the Health & Safety of our contractors?"

  • What their Health & Safety policies say
  • What training have their workers undertaken
  • Whether their workers have the necessary certifications & qualifications for the tasks they are undertaking
  • How good their Health & Safety history is
  • Whether their business insurance cover current & adequate
  • And more!

To help you review your own H&S performance and understand the H&S performance of your contractors, Securo has introduced this fully automated online Health & Safety Audit.

Q: "What is the Securo Online Assessment best used for?"

  1. Senior Management and Board Room reporting on Health and Safety
  2. As a pre-qualification report if you are contracting to other organisations
  3. To establish how your contractors rank in Health & Safety performance

Q: "What are the benefits of the Securo Online Health & Safety Audit?"

  • The convenience of inputting your own data into our online system
  • The report generated assesses your Health and Safety capabilities and committment
  • Senior management can see at a glance which aspects of the organisations Health & Safety are strong and which need work
  • Understand and manage your contractors Health & Safety position
  • Your comprehensive full-colour report includes:
    • An overall risk rating for your organisation
    • What you do well
    • What requires some work to improve
    • Risk graphs in 5 key areas of safety performance
    • A risk rating of your contractors health & safety performance
  • Your report is verified by one of Securo's trained and experienced Health & Safety auditors
  • 2 hours on-site with our safety consultants is included to assist with the assessment (travel costs may be additional in some cases)
  • Annual reviews are automatically scheduled
  • The convenience of paying by Credit Card

 Q: "What are the steps in the process?"

  1. Order your audit using the methods listed below
  2. We'll call you back and tell you how it works and ensure it's right for you
  3. If you go ahead we generate the invoice and provide you with a login for our online system
  4. You gather your H&S records together and begin the data-entry process
    • Depending on how well organised your Health & Safety Records are, this should take you between 2 -3 hours to complete
    • Your local Securo safety consultant will be onsite for up to 2 hours to assist you during this process
  5. Once you've answered all the questions you submit your work
  6. Sophisticated algorithims calculate your ratings and scores and produce a detailed report which is emailed to you

Q "Great! How do I get started?"

Give us a call on 0800 55 33 44 or email info@securo.co.nz and we’ll go through a few questions to ensure this service is right for you.