How To Notify Worksafe NZ When A Workplace Accident Occurs

Monday January 14, 2019 16:39

We hope it never happens to you or your team, but if a Notifiable Event (Accident/Incident) happens at your workplace, do you know how to notify Worksafe NZ?

You need to act promptly.

First, how do you know if your accident / incident qualifies as "notifiable"? Worksafe NZ explains what events need to be notified.

7 Steps To Notify Worksafe NZ When A Notifiable Accident or Incident Occurs

  1. Go to
  2. From the 4 categories listed, determine which one suits your situation best: Death, Injury, Illness or Incident.
  3. Click on the applicable category, e.g. Injury
  4. A short series of questions which help you determine if your accident/incident is notifiable
  5. Is your accident notifiable?
    • No: If your accident is NOT notifiable – exit Worksafe NZ site and file report in your organisations accident register
    • Yes: If your accident IS notifiable, continue through the process
  6. Continue through Worksafes 6 step process which asks for details on your accident / incident such as the person/people involved, the medical treatment received, and how the accident occurred
  7. The final step in the process is to “Review and Submit”, where you check the details you've provided and submit your form to Worksafe

Need Further Help With Determining Your Health & Safety Obligations?

If you require any assistance determining your workplace Health & Safety obligations, please contact your Securo consultant.

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