Health and Safety Subsidies For The NZ Manufacturing Sector

Sunday November 24, 2019 04:58

ACC, in collaboration with HASANZ (Health and Safety Association of New Zealand) have launched a  workplace injury prevention subsidy incentive scheme targeted at small – medium sized manufacturing organisations.

The manufacturing industry is considered a high-risk sector, with an average of five deaths and 4,528 people severely injured each year.

There are critical health and safety risks and variable working conditions such as a noisy working environment, exposure to hazardous substances (e.g. silica, solvents, dust), interactions between people and machines, working around vehicles to name just a few.

Small to medium sized businesses have told ACC they would benefit from accessing H&S advisory services.

They often need extra resources to improve their health and safety systems and/or practices.

ACC will pay 50% of the cost (up to $1,300) of accessing professional advice to either develop a health and safety action plan or implement a health and safety improvement activity for businesses who employ between 6 – 99 people.

How Does It Work?

Eligible companies can only use the subsidy to access advice from a HASANZ registered professional.

Here at Securo, we have a number of HASANZ registered professionals who will be happy to support you.

For more information about this subsidy, please contact us or visit the ACC website

The application process is simple and therefore we recommend that all eligible manufacturing companies complete the application form to access this great opportunity.

Any Questions About Claiming This Health & Safety Subsidy?

Please contact your Securo Safety Consultant directly or call Securo Head Office on 0800 55 33 44, or email


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