Hazards Through Distractions In Lead Up To Xmas And New Year Breaks

Tuesday December 3, 2019 06:36

As we hit December, we naturally all start to think about the anticipated joys of holiday breaks, and downtime from work.

The anticipation of being away from the normal working week, a possible end of year work function, followed with time off with the family, all beckon strongly.

Our traditional work patterns sometimes change at this time of year, as we seem to often increase our work pace in an endeavour to get existing matters completed, or transferred to someone else, ahead of the last work day. Increased cell phone and email traffic can add to current work pressures.

With an increase in work pace comes the potential for accidents and additional hazards arising as the distraction of normal work patterns enhances these aspects. Fatigue arises easier.

Distractions, including day dreaming and worrying, can result in not fully concentrating on real-time work - which is an extremely dangerous activity in itself. This is especially so in high hazard work areas, including working at heights, below ground, machinery servicing, stairwells and external open forecourts, access ways etc.

The same issues also arise in the not-so high risk roles too, as distraction is easy and a human frailty. Driving is a very real, everyday hazard we all face - and concentration is paramount as we rush around, especially as there is a seasonal increase in more traffic and pedestrians in this month.

Unfortunately Death and Injury never take holiday breaks – they do not know the meaning of “days off!!”

So to beat them, we must continue to remain Health and Safety focussed, aware and diligent, irrespective of the time of year.

A timely reminder to your teams at toolbox or scheduled Health and Safety meetings, will ensure we all get home safely at the end of each day’s work to be able to fully enjoy our New Zealand holiday festivities.

Any Questions About Health & Safety?

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(Image credit: StyleSage.co)