Can you answer YES! to the following questions?

  1. Is your business based in the Nelson / Taman / Marlborough region?
  2. Are you determined to ensure everyone in your NZ workplace has a safe day at work, and gets home to their family every night?
  3. Would you like to minimise worker absence and equipment down-time by reducing accidents?
  4. Would you prefer to deal with a safety consultant that is based locally?

If you answered “YES!” to most of those questions, I have great news for you…

This is what the team here at Securo do best!

Graham Mahuika is your first local contact for the Nelson, Tasman & Marlborough area.

Call the Securo Health and Safety helpline on 0800 55 33 44.

5 Quick Facts You Need To Know About Us:

  1. We specialise in making workplaces like yours safer
  2. We have been setting up Health and Safety systems for NZ businesses for 20 years
  3. We are easier (and less expensive) to deal with because we start with our set of manuals, processes and templates, and customise them to your business
  4. We work with businesses and industries of all sizes: Small, Medium and Large, and we have one-person-businesses and Farming clients also
  5. We have 100's of happy clients, here's what they say about us

Ready to get started?

5 Things You Can Do Next

  1. Find out if we can help you and what our 5 step process is
  2. Read our Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Read our articles, and sign-up for future articles
  4. Take our 3 minute quiz to see what state your Health & Safety is in
  5. If you need a health and safety audit Securo has 2 great options, or we can discuss your specific requirements