Are You Due For A Snap Check Today of Your Workplace Health & Safety?

Monday July 30, 2018 09:46

We made reference in a previous Securo article that Compliance Is Just A Point In Time”.

Life doesn’t stop, and nor do business activities. Things move rapidly; sometime too quickly.

Within most businesses there are potential physical hazards, and associated risks and exposures.

Your Securo’s health and safety consultant works diligently with you during their on-site visits to ensure these are identified, with processes put in place to eliminate or at least minimise them through cost efficient and workable, realistic solutions.

However, outside these pre-agreed times it is important for you to periodically take a snap check, or a quick on-site review of the workplace, to assure yourself that previous compliance is ongoing.

Such a review should include these 4 items:

  1. Check Measures: Check previously identified hazards that agreed measures are working and adhered to
  2. Detect Change: Have you changed your workplace activities or layout lately?
    • What about personnel or procedures?
    • If so, there is a potential for new hazards to arise
  3. Take A Walk: Have you done a simple walk around today on a normal working day?
    • That's all that is required
    • Log it in your health and safety register
  4. Break Routine: We are creatures of habit us humans, so perhaps it's time for a change in normal routine?
    • Changing the norm breaks you free of familiarity and could expose new issues hidden from sight

Good management demands constant due diligence.

Health and safety is a key part of that process.

Please contact your Securo health and safety consultant if you need additional help outside of their scheduled visits.