Announcement by Judith Collins, Minister of ACC

Friday December 14, 2012 14:25

Announcement by Judith Collins, Minister of ACC

12 December 2012

Good safety management can lower ACC levies

The Government is introducing a range of incentives to help business owners focus on improved safety management and make work places safer, ACC Minister Judith Collins says.

New Motor Vehicle Account levy classes for goods and service vehicles will better reflect the risks posed by heavier trucks that will now be levied by weight, as well as by fuel type.

“It’s important that we recognise some forms of transport pose higher safety risks, and should attract a levy rate that reflects that risk.

“Owners of light goods and services vehicles (GSVs) have been subsidising the owners of heavy GSVs by $12million per year. So, there will be new levy rates for GSVs based on a weight of more or less than 3.5 tonnes.

“This will mean a small increase in levy rate for the approx. 111,000 heavy trucks on our roads, and a reduction in levies for the 341,000 light vehicles. This is a much fairer and more accurate way to set the levies,” Ms Collins says.

Heavy vehicle owners will be able to offset any increase in their levies by joining a new Fleet Safety Incentive Programme.

Truck owners with good safety management standards are able to reduce their levies by meeting audited standards for fleet management systems and performance.

The Workplace Safety Discount scheme of 10 per cent reduction in levies will also be extended to all industries. Currently it is only available to certain small employers in selected industries. To qualify for the discount, companies will have to demonstrate adequate experience in health and safety systems and complete a self-assessment based audit.

“A key priority for this Government is an increased focus on health and safety systems. We’re providing a range of incentives for raising the standard of safety management across New Zealand businesses and making workplaces safer,” Ms Collins says.

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