Warning: On Any Day An Earthquake May Occur in New Zealand

Friday September 25, 2015 12:03

 Everyone, everywhere should know the right action to take before, during and after an earthquake.

 Thursday 15th of October is the International Shakeout Day of Action. 

New Zealand will be the first country to participate this year, at 9.15am! **

The aim is to get 1.5 million New Zealanders to sign up to take part – which should also make ours the biggest per capita Shakeout drill in the world!

Once you’ve signed up, NZ Shake Out will keep you up to date, with all the information you need to take part in the Drop, Cover and Hold drill.

 ** if you cannot do the drill at 9.15am on the 15th October, you can choose another date within two weeks and still be counted.

 Follow the link to sign up, or to find more info go to the Shakeout Website.

 If you participate in the NZ Shake Out drill, record it under Section 7 of your manual “Emergency Planning & Readiness”.