Thinking About Your Emergency Procedures

Wednesday November 16, 2016 11:05

Given recent natural events in New Zealand, we would like to prompt all Securo clients to give some thought to what procedures you have in place should an emergency strike.  What we must all surely now realise is that the beautiful country we live in, can and will at times place some serious risks in our path.

While we are wanting to highlight natural disasters such as Earthquakes and Flooding, most of the items to consider will also be valid for Volcanic Eruption, Fire, Medical Emergencies etc.

We are not trying to recreate any processes you have implemented but just asking that you take a moment to consider whether you have given Emergency Procedures enough thought and whether you have tested your procedures recently to ensure they work and are adequate.

In short; do you have an Emergency Plan which has been communicated, understood, tested and reviewed?

Items to be considered:

  • Personal safety
    • Have your alarms been tested
    • Are all emergency exits clear
    • Is there a clearly marked Assembly Point
    • When did you last conduct a trial emergency evacuation ( 6 monthly recommended)
    • Is your First Aid Kit adequately stocked
    • Are your First Aiders trained adequately
    • Do you have current emergency contact details for all workers
    • Are all workers trained in your Emergency Procedures – will they know what to do should an emergency occur
    • Are your Emergency Wardens adequately trained and familiar with their area of responsibility
    • Have you provided for emergency nutrition such as water, snack bars etc


  • Property Safety
    • Is your building WoF current and are all systems tested and working
    • Emergency systems in place and working, eg Emergency lighting, etc
    • Are there emergency shut down systems in place and working (gas isolation valves, power, machinery, etc)
    • Do you have products etc stored in racking and shelving – is it secure
    • If you have Dangerous Goods onsite, is the storage appropriate, bunds empty and effective, signage, approved handlers etc all current
    • Do you have adequate Spill Kits and management systems in place


  • Business Security
    • How would your business systems stand up in an emergency
    • Data security
    • Confidential records
    • Client databases
    • Are there backup systems and documents off site
    • Have you critically reviewed the level of your insurance cover recently
    • Are all emergency phone numbers displayed and understood. Has the list been reviewed recently

Are all your emergency phone numbers displayed and understood.  Has the list been reviewed recently

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of items but something to get you thinking about what would happen should an emergency occur.  If you refer to Section 7 of the new Securo H&S manual (V6) there is greater detail on what to consider.

Finally our thoughts and best wishes go to all those who have been effected by the natural disasters which have occurred in New Zealand recently.