Why Is Mental Health And Wellbeing So Important In NZ Workplaces?

Did you know that the key to reducing workplace stress related incidents is sound mental health & wellbeing?

Securo Health and Safety are always looking at ways to enhance and complement our core Health and Safety activities that we believe will benefit you.

With that in mind, we are excited to announce our partnership with Develop HQ.

Develop HQ is changing the way people access mental health and wellbeing information, by equipping staff and workplaces with expert advice by taking complex subjects and breaking them down into bite sized videos.

I'll tell you more about our partnership with Develop HQ in a moment, but first let's talk about the top 3 reasons why the issue of mental health and wellbeing is so important. 

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The Top 3 Reasons Why The Issue Of Mental Health And Wellbeing Is So Important

 #1. Stress and Fatigue Are Key Contributors To Onsite Accidents

WorkSafe have referred on their website to the fact that workplace related stress and fatigue can be a key contributor to onsite accidents.

This is especially so in office environments.

Such stress can emanate from personal or work related mental pressures: something that we all face in our daily lives.

Sound familiar?

They state that “in general, work-related stress is associated with:

(Source: worksafe.govt.nz/topic-and-industry/work-related-health/work-related-stress/)

2. Mental Illness is a Leading Cause of Disability and Absence

The World Health Organisation predicts mental illness will be the leading cause of disability and absence in the workplace by 2030 if it’s not proactively addressed. 

Geoff McDonald, former Global Vice-President HR at Unilever stated “Leaders within Organisations need to give the same level of attention and priority to mental health as they do to safety, and invest in training managers and employees on managing mental health.”

(Source: www.business.govt.nz/news/managing-mental-health-in-the-workplace/)

3. But Mental Illness Is Not Easily Shared Or Discussed

Mental health is a sensitive area; something that is not always easily shared or discussed.

But have you noticed that it is featuring more in the public forum via the media?

More of us are recognising the severity and impact it has upon society.

However, people are often unsure how to ask for help, where to find help, and what to do if they are worried about someone else. 

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But What Can We Do About It?

Early 2018, a current Securo client introduced us to Develop HQ.

It became quickly apparent that a partnership between our 2 companies would be the way for us to make a real difference to this issue in New Zealand.

That's why we are so excited about our partnership. 

Develop HQ Is Changing The Way People Access Mental Health and Wellbeing Information

As a newly established company Develop HQ wanted to change the way people access mental health and wellbeing information, by equipping staff and workplaces with expert advice by taking complex subjects and breaking them down into bite sized videos.

Their offerings provide focus in a controlled environment to address this, with such access being either individual or in a more open staff forum.

Through this core focus on mental health and wellbeing, Develop HQ provide online E-courses, study guides and interviews to support learning (www.develophq.com). 

Some of the topics covered include anxiety, depression, health, resilience and stress.

They importantly state that “At Develop HQ we aren’t about textbooks, we are about visual learning and real-life application, accessible anywhere.”

Through their initiative Develop HQ have already seen some positive outcomes, primarily in the arena of awareness of the existence of work-related stress and an informed avenue for discussion - and viable solutions.

The video and training content includes industry experts, business leaders and some well-known faces.

In addition to the current library of references, Develop HQ’s content is regularly updated to stay topical and relevant to the issues facing people in the workplace today.

Securo strongly commend this offering, and also recommend that you take a few minutes to view the Develop HQ introductory video (2 mins 24 secs): 

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How Much Does It Cost? 

There is an annual membership fee for confidential access to the Develop HQ suite of information and support on their exclusive website, based upon the number of employees you have.

This exclusive access costs less than $3 a week per staff member.

Just as importantly, as part of the community focus, for every membership brought, Develop HQ contribute a free annual membership to a high school student in New Zealand.

Sound Good So Far ? 3 Ways To Get Started

#1. Talk to your Securo Safety Consultant

Your Securo Safety Consultant has completed a background course on the products offered.

They also know your day to day business operations and how to embed this programme.

They are happy to discuss it further, either now (go ahead and contact them) or at your next scheduled consultancy visit.

#2. Give Securo Head Office a Call on 0800 55 33 44

And we can answer any questions you have.

#3. Go Ahead and Sign Up at Develop HQ

Take a look through the Develop HQ website in more detail:

  1. Watch their overview video again (also embedded above)
  2. See their range of e-courses
  3. Read their FAQ's
  4. Take a look at their Membership Packages
  5. Sample the content of their videos

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to celebrate this partnership with us and consider how it might benefit your team.

Mental Health and Wellbeing – it is central to all us performing safely and happily in our daily work challenges. It flows brilliantly over into our own personal time too!